The Walk of Fame

Having a mini vacation is always something we crave for. I personally work a lot as a college student, so I’m always craving for a vacation whenever I can.

What student wouldn’t? 

This summer, I recently traveled to California and I had such a great time, which I will get into the details shortly… But if you’re wanting to take a trip to California one day, here is why I chose California. I chose to travel there because honestly the weather is crazy amazing, the atmosphere and the scenery is something you don’t get to experience often. I also have family in California, so it is always nice to see family, as well as, have them show me around to places I have never seen before.

L.A. is so big that if you don’t actually live in Hollywood, you might as well be from a different planet. -Quentin Tarantino

While I was there, I stayed  in the Hollywood area. My cousin who recently moved there, stays right on the strip, so there is always something going on. Hollywood Boulevard is the street, but everyone calls it “Hollywood Walk of Fame.” The fame comes from all the stars on the strip with pretty much any celebrity you can think of, if you walk long enough. This is truly the spot for everything simply because it’s a tourist area, it’s entertaining but also where you will find pretty much anyone from people dressed up as: celebrity actors, stars, or superheros. Some days you might see dancers or people trying to sell you something, hoping to make some change. 


“If I take a picture, could I perhaps get some change for my good deed?”

If you don’t know by now, there are tons of stores to blow your money. Haha. There is a shopping mall (within walking distance) with all the stores you could think of. And not to mention, tons of souvenir shops.


This is what makes it even better, I also went around other areas of California that I think you all would be interested in or might have heard of. Not only did I see Hollywood everyday throughout my trip, I also visited Venice Beach and Beverly Hills. Now this is what was so funny when I went… you know how you will be following  different celebrities on Instagram or Snapchat, and they be posting their where about’s? Well, I could have sworn I could have at least seen one on the strip or outside of Chanel or Fendi. But, unfortunately I saw not one.

How tragic, lmao!

Venice Beach is about 20-25 minutes from Hollywood so it will be an easy shot for you to head to the beach. The boardwalk was honestly my favorite. I say that because it looked just like it did on TV and the vibes were amazing. There’s music always playing loud, skateboarders, and great food.

I really think this would also be a trip to go on with a bunch of friends. It could be expensive if you don’t plan ahead and properly. If you have any comments please feel free to. I’m open to questions as well.

P.S. I have attached some extra photos for all of you, just so you can see more of the full experience.

Until next time, xo ♥


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