Summer calls for Open-Toe Heels

This pass June, I went to California and couldn’t help but explore the different shopping malls in the area. At the moment, I had like no summer heels what-so-ever and really didn’t want to leave to go back home empty handed. I have a big obsession with heels, but who wouldn’t. When it comes to chic heels that can go with any and everything, it’s a good day.


Photo by me

The store that these shoes are from is called, Fashion Q. It is a store located in the shopping mall called, Valley Plaza Shopping Center. This store was by far my favorite of them all, simply because I have never been. It is an affordable store with pretty much everything!  The shoes I purchased that are listed above were no more than $25, if that.

If you haven’t heard of this store before, it’s okay. I didn’t know about the store till I went to visit. This store is perfect for the Hollywood area where this is located. I personally loved the Fashion Q‘s atmosphere in the store. As you see the set up makes you want to shop. It is very organized and well put together. From party dresses, heels, crop tops, sweaters, jeans and etc.

You name it, they have it! 

If you are ever in Hollywood, California I personally recommend you stop into this store. I don’t think you would AT ALL be disappointed.

Until Next Time, xo



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