“I’m feeling, 22,” the words of Taylor Swift. 

As time flies, it’s almost unbelievable that you’re another year older. I love having an excuse to just have a day for myself. I’m pretty busy between work and school but when your birthday comes around, your close friends know about it and want to make your day special.

When I was turned 21, I thought  I was legit, cool and everything above. Don’t act like you didn’t either lol.  That night I had the time of my life. Every birthday is special and they should be but why is it that as we get older we don’t feel like we know what our birthday plans are? Or that it’s not that big of a deal anymore? This year I went out to dinner.


Photo by me

Birthday’s always involve food, am I wrong? This is the perfect time to have a cheat meal! Anytime I go to an Italian restaurant I have to get spaghetti. The reason being is because I love trying pasta at different places. They always taste different, but in a good way.

Carrabbas is where my boyfriend decided to take me for dinner and I loved it. If you are into Italian food, this is the spot. If you enjoy going to restaurants that have more than just pasta and pizza, this is also the spot too. They have steak, chicken, and seafood!


Photo by me

Bow’s top everything off with a BANG!


Photo by me

Presents are so sweet. I don’t always expect gifts because spending time with your close ones is the better gift. But when you do receive gifts, it’s always cool to see the creativeness and thought put into gifts.

Until Next Time, xo



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