Own The Night With Thigh High Boots

If you did not know by now, the over-the-knee boots are so in and I plan expand my style with as many pairs as possible! I have been talking about getting a pair of thigh high boots for the longest and I ended up getting a black pair with the thick heel for Christmas this year from GUESS. These boots run about $150 dollars but if you use coupons or catch really good sales they run a lot cheaper.


If you are going out with your girlfriends or even going on a date night with your man, thigh high boots will always draw peoples attention. You can own the night with your over-the-knee boots wearing anything along the lines of skinny jeans or a chic dress. I have seen many people wear the over sized hoodies or long t-shirts as well to add some edginess!

Own It!!!

Today the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are always making a statement with their thigh high boots. They make thigh high boots even more sexy by customizing their style to fit that ultimate chic look.


Courtesy of Pinterest

No matter what the season is thigh high boots are here to stay.

Until Next Time, xo







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